SPOC Automation Inbound Marketing

SPOC Automation Inbound Marketing


Change in the oil and gas industry is as constant as the sun rising in the east. Every year, we learn new techniques for lifting product from the ground more efficiently and for lower cost. At SPOC Automation, we are passionate about sharing our insights, our hard-earned lessons with our channel partners and our customers. Here, we’ll discuss new innovations in lifting technology and all of its many applications.

SPOC Automation builds world-class variable frequency drive (VFD) solutions for artificial lift applications in the oil and gas industry. We engineer and package artificial lift controls and automation technology that increases oil and gas production, lowers lifting costs, saves you time, extends the life of your equipment and saves energy.

SPOC is the industry-leading artificial lift controls manufacturer in North America; we have automation expertise in a wide range of oil and gas applications, working with every kind of pump in even the harshest conditions.

Implemented email marketing, design web/digital graphics, created content for blog and landing pages.

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Trade Show Banner Design

Trade Show Banner Design

Innovative has been helping companies across the United States by providing exceptional products and services. We are blessed to see more and more people taking advantage of what we do – and they tell us they’re thrilled with the results.

The project was designed for trade show banner use.

Learn more about Innovative Billing Solutions here.

Magazine Product Ad – Oil & Gas Industry

Magazine Product Ad – Oil & Gas Industry

The shale industry is impacting the U.S. economy to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars in investments, millions of new jobs, and a renaissance of American ingenuity and innovation. The one wild card that could negatively impact its future growth is water, and its significance cannot be understated.

“Shale Play Water Management answers the critical need for a single, credible industry resource covering this essential topic,” says Executive Editor and Publisher, David A. Hill.

“We’re 100 percent dedicated to helping operators reduce fresh water usage and costs, while enhancing production and regulatory compliance.” Mr. Hill was the founding publisher of Pumps and Systems magazine, as well as other B2B niche publications serving the industrial process and engineering markets.

Read more about Shale Play Water Management here.

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