Open your eyes to analytics

Future of member growth & engagement

We have made some changes to the way you will see into your impact. Your time is a valuable investment. The goal of this update is to help measure the value of your time investment. Learn more about how analytics will help improve future return on investment.

Consider this quote below as we go forward:

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Ben Franklin

Let’s walk through an exercise together.

Close your eyes. What color do you see? Can you see anything around you?

The odds are that you can not see much at all. How many fingers am I holding up? Would you be able to guess the amount of money I set down on the table? This is the problem that our clients face when they do not have the analytics to measure impact of their engagement efforts.

Our customers may not understand the power of analytics. So, we need to provide a multi-purpose onboarding process to help show value of the product updates.

Software that makes a difference. People who make it better.

Right now, you can navigate to any website and purchase a product without ever talking to someone. This automated world can be great for your business, but might leave some customers missing a personal connection.

It’s more comfortable purchasing new products if you know who you’re working with. If something goes wrong, are these the type of people that will help you in a pinch? Will they be available when you have a support problem Friday at 4:30 pm?

Using video, companies can introduce their teams to new users, building rapport and trust.


What is the solution going forward?

Even if our product is simple, our onboarding messaging may not be.

Video offers the benefit of being able to show the product in action. We can walk people visually through workflows, and for many, it’s much easier to follow along with a video than a convoluted list of steps.

Reading through long text tutorials can be difficult for some of our users. Although the text tutorials answer many of the edge cases that I think of, they usually just overcomplicate things by listing off every use case instead of the main functionality. An overview video can be a great kickstart if someone is just looking to get into the product and click around.


Interested to see value from analytics?

Let’s continue to offer a new approach to drive key outcomes in membership, program participation and giving.

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