Are you going to #INBOUND15?

Are you going to #INBOUND15?

Simon Sinek and My First INBOUND Adventure

What can I say… I am a huge Simon Sinek fan. My personal following of Simon started with the infamous “Golden Circle” TedTalk on YouTube. After watching the talk – I immediately went to the website to learn more about this random personality talking about finding your why. I read his book, “Start with Why” and it has helped me change my perspective how to lead and pursue my own why.

“Imagine a world where people wake up inspired to go to work. Imagine a world in which trust and loyalty are the rule rather than the exception.” – Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why

If you watched the above video you will pick up on the theme of leadership and how that transpires into our work place. The talk was inspirational to update my perspective, again, on how we go about living out our why. It is truly important to continue to focus on your personal why for marriage, relationships, career and life.

I had the opportunity to go to INBOUND 2014 in Boston, MA to hear Simon Sinek speak along with other great speakers, break out sessions and networking opportunities. The time was well spent on last year’s conference.

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Simon Sinek at INBOUND 2014

Simon Sinek and Drew Franklin at INBOUND 2014 in Boston, MA


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